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About LabXpress

Scott Farrell founded LabXpress with the goal of providing low-income individuals with accessible and affordable medical testing services. For nearly 30 years, Scott Farrell has focused on bettering communities throughout Arizona in lasting ways. He epitomizes what community leaders should aspire to be and is not afraid of going where others do not.

As the president of LabXpress, Scott Farrell has been a vigorous activist for Arizonans in need by providing high quality, no cost or low cost reliable health services. LabXpress® provides individuals with free glucose or cholesterol testing, or both for the minimal fee of $5. This has proven to be important with the rise in insurance premiums, which has caused some individuals to forgo laboratory testing, often to the detriment of their own health.

Scott Farrell has been able to obtain his goal of providing individuals with accessible and affordable medical testing services. He knows that without these critical tests, physicians are unable to fully diagnose and treat patients’ illnesses. As a tireless champion for the uninsured throughout Arizona, Scott Farrell helps support many medical clinics with his highly successful Doctor Dollars program. Through Doctor Dollars, participating physicians are able to provide free laboratory services to patients in need. This program has allotted participating doctors a credit for laboratory services, which allows the doctors to help their patients by offering to pay for all or part of their testing services.

Scott Farrell is so passionate about the healthcare in America today that he has published a National Healthcare Plan: the Federal Act Insurance Restructure Health Plan (F.A.I.R). . The FAIR Health Plan is designed to meet all of the strategic healthcare goals that the American people deserve.



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