Drug Testing

Employee drug use is directly responsible for costs that exceed $120 billion annually. A drug-related cost of which accumulates through productivity loss, health problems, and job-related accidents, as well as employee absence, theft and turnover.

Statistics from the Department of Labor study show that of the 20-34 year-olds in the workforce, 20.2% had used illegal drugs in the past year, and 9.5% had used illegal drugs in the last month. Construction, wholesale trade, and retail marketing are primarily dominated by the aforementioned demographic, of whom reported marijuana and cocaine as the predominant drug of choice.

Employees that use drugs are 5X more likely to become involved in a workplace accident.

On average, employees that use drugs are absent from work 40 days a year. A staggering number when compared to employees that do not use drugs, of whom, miss 4.5 days per year.

Reason’s to Drug Test:

  • To help select quality employees
  • To help prevent workplace injuries
  • To help prevent theft from your company and employees
  • To help ensure maximum productivity from your employees
  • To help prevent drug-related employee absences


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