Inflammation and Weight Gain

Certain foods cause inflammation in the body. This inflammation is the body’s chemical reaction to foods that don’t agree with it. The reaction affects the whole body which slows down metabolism, thus leading to weight gain. Therefore by avoiding these foods, a person can experience immediate weight loss. Dr. Stan Farrell, who treats patients for headaches and oral facial pain management, ran blood testing to find out which foods caused inflammation that resulted in headaches.

After putting several patients on this program they came back and reported weight loss and a decrease in headaches and in their severity. The amazing thing is patients continued moderate consumption of healthy foods, just not the foods that trigger inflammation with their personal chemistry. This blood test can tell what foods, if any, cause this inflammation in an individual.

Dr. Farrell put himself on the program and lost over twenty pounds in one month. Dr. Farrell’s father also tried it and was “blown away” by the immediate weight loss of nine pounds in one month, while still eating healthy meals and not dieting. His father was pre-diabetic and had routine blood work done prior to participating in the program. Two months after starting it, his blood work showed a significant drop in glucose and he is no longer pre-diabetic.

No actual study has been completed, but controlled studies will be conducted in the future. Not all weight gain is attributed to food inflammation. This program doesn’t work for everyone, only with individuals that have strong food reactions.





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